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Dental Technology

White dentist reviews a patient's digital xrays on her tablet deviceAt we pride ourselves on giving you access to cutting edge cosmetic dentistry techniques that will be sure to revitalize your smile. We hope to give you an overview of the various techniques and tools that we can offer you, so that you, along with help from our dental team, can learn about which options may be right for your treatment goals.

Soft Tissue Laser

A useful tool that our team of dentists can use to great effect is the soft tissue laser, which can be used in a variety of contexts to aid in your dental health and recovery from implantation. This specialized laser has been developed as a tool that can sculpt the gum tissue around your teeth with minimal damage. When used in the context of a dental implant, it can help reduce trauma and shorten recovery times.


CAD-CAM is an acronym that stands for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing respectively. Through the use of this advanced technology, our dentistry team can take a highly detailed scan of your teeth so that our dentists can accurately recreate implants that will be a perfect match for your unique biology.

Before undergoing a scan, our dentists must remove any decay from your teeth and give them a thorough cleaning. Then our team of professionals will create a custom-designed replacement and manufacture it for you using precise computer-aided manufacturing techniques.

Digital Panoramic X-Ray

A digital panoramic x-ray is a form of diagnostic scan that will capture your entire mouth with just one scan. The highly detailed image that is derived from this scan can then be used to accurately diagnose any problems that may exist within your mouth that would have been otherwise difficult to detect.

3D Cone Beam

A 3D cone beam is a diagnostic tool that will provide our team with a very accurate three-dimensional representation of your teeth. This tool is often used when a two-dimensional scan does not provide a complete enough representation to accurately diagnose a given problem, as the 3D cone beam is capable of including images of your nerves, soft tissues, and underlying bone structure, as well as your teeth. This scan requires little to no preparation and is very safe.

Guided Dental Implant Tech

Guided dental implant technology techniques make use of a CAT-scan that is used to determine the most effective and non-invasive surgical approach possible for the implantation of new teeth. This information is combined with the use of our CAD-CAM technology which ensures that you receive a highly accurate and precise dental replacement. This technique is minimally invasive and highly effective. For a better understanding of this advanced technique, consult our team of dentists who will be sure to elaborate.

Micro Dentistry

Micro dentistry is an effective technique that aims to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible when making repairs to decay or other damage. This minimally invasive technique is useful when a tooth or set of teeth do not show signs of severe damage or decay, and as a result, it is usually very well tolerated by patients. Consult our dental team to learn if you would make a good candidate for this helpful approach to dental repair.

We hope that the above information gives you a good idea of what our dental team here at Parkway Dentistry can offer you as a patient. Feel free to contact us here at (704) 857-6161 to set up an appointment with our dental professionals.
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