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Dental Crown Landis NC

Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down toothThere are various kinds of restorative dental procedures you can get in order to enhance your smile.

Dental implants, bridges and crowns are some of the options you can choose in order to restore functionality and have an aesthetically appealing smile.

Dental crowns make a great choice, especially for our Landis, NC patients who are looking to restore a single tooth. You can learn more about the various benefits dental crowns have to offer by calling Parkway Dentistry.

Benefits of Dental Crowns


Many people believe that dental crowns are not long-lasting and that you will have to replace them every couple of years. The truth, however, is that good quality crowns are designed to last for decades and a crown can last for around 20 years.

If you want your dental crown to last longer, it is important you regularly get your teeth checked as well as maintain good oral hygiene.

Crowns are designed to be fully functional, so you don't have to worry about not being able to eat from the side of the mouth the crown is fitted into.


Crowns are designed to take into consideration the actual size and shape of the space it needs to fit into. Proper measurements are taken, and a mold is designed to get the crown to fit just right.

If you'e looking to get a crown fitted to a recently repaired tooth, then you should take some time to have it checked to determine whether there is any inflammation or not.

Crowns are designed to fit over your repaired tooth and this crown spans right from the portion where you chew food to your gum line. If there is any inflammation, then it is always recommended to wait a while, since measurements taken with inflammation will never be accurate and the crown will become loose once the swelling goes down.

Natural Looking

One of the best things about getting a crown fitted is that they look natural and just like your real teeth. You don't have to worry about any color difference between your crown and your actual tooth color. This enables you to get a crown fitted even in any of your front teeth without having to worry about whether or not it will match your teeth properly. Dental crowns even have the actual enamel shine which natural teeth have.

Simple to Fit

Unlike most dental procedures that require multiple sittings to get a tooth replaced, crowns are fairly easy to fit, and some can even be done in just one sitting too. These crowns are painless and it's very easy to get used to them in your mouth. The best part about crowns is that they feel secure and like natural teeth, which make it easy for you to adjust.

Book a Dental Crown Appointment at Your Landis, NC Dentist Today!

If you're wondering how dental crowns can benefit you then you should drop in at Parkway Dentistry to see the various kinds of crowns available. You can also call us at (704) 857-6161 to get more information on dental crowns.

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Dental Crown Landis NC
Getting a dental crown can protect a natural tooth for a long time, and also looks natural & is custom-fit for your smile. Call us today to schedule!
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